About Us At JM Athletes

Welcome to JM Athletes, where average isn’t in our vocabulary. Are you an athlete or part of a pro team? Perfect—you’re in the right place. Our unique methods keep you injury-free while skyrocketing your athletic performance. And we do it fast. Our mission? To bring out the peak performer in you, every time you train. This isn’t just a game-changer—it’s a life-changer.

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The Founders

Jesper had to stop playing soccer because of injury. So, he went to school to learn how to keep that from happening to others. He has a masters degree from University of Minnesota in sports science.
But here’s the real kicker; He has learned from the legendary S&C coach Cal Dietz. He has trained olympians, college, NHL and NFL athletes. Today, Jesper is the new S&C coach for AZ Alkmaar.
Jesper’s track record speaks for itself:

USA Women's Hockey

  • World Champions 2023

Women's College Hockey

  • NCAA Frozen Four Semifinalist 2022-2023
  • WCHA Tournament Champions 2022-2023
  • WCHA Regular Season Champions 2021-2022

Men's College Hockey

  • NCAA Frozen Four Finalist 2022-2023
  • Big 10 Tournament Finalist 2022-2023
  • Big 10 Regular Season Champions 2022-2023
  • NCAA Frozen Four Semifinalist 2021-2022
  • Big 10 Tournament Finalist 2021-2022
  • Big 10 Regular Season Champions 2021-2022

Our beliefs

So, you’ve heard about Jesper and his credentials. Impressive, right? But what drives all that success? Our core beliefs. Here it is, no fluff:
  1. The Mind-Body Sync: We kickstart your gains by getting your nervous system and muscles talking the same language. That’s what RPR is all about.
  2. Natural Moves Only: Forget about fighting your body. We train you to move the way you were born to. Less injury, more power.
  3. Run Like the Wind: Running isn’t just running. It’s a game-changer for your athleticism and daily life. We make you excel at it, fast.
Everything we do comes back to these three points. Why? Because they work. Period.

Why does JM Athletes exist?

So you know our beliefs, but what are we actually here to do? Simple: Make you a freakin’ legend on the field, court, or wherever you play.
  1. Coach The Coaches: We arm coaches with RPR so they can level up their athletes. Think of it as a superpower against injuries and bad performance.
  2. Athlete Overhaul: Our Online Coaching isn’t generic. We focus on strength, speed, and power. It’s like putting your athleticism on steroids, but you know, legally.
  3. DIY Success: We don’t just coach. We give you the know-how to coach yourself. Self-reliance is a trait of champions, and we make sure you’ve got it.
In short, we’re in the business of creating athletic beasts. You in?
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