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From Sidelines to Spotlights: Transform Your Athletic Career

Sick of getting hurt and missing the game? Tired of watching others win titles and get big contracts? You’re not alone, but it doesn’t have to be this way.
Meet JM Athletes—your full fetched service for strength, speed and power. We use a neuro based approach to propel your career. Our personalized plans help you cut injuries by 98% and catapult your athleticism.
Ditch injuries. Win that championship. Get that MVP. This is more than training. It’s your life-changing moment. Are you ready?

The Man Behind Your Athletic Transformation

So you’re pumped and ready for the big change. But who’s going to guide you through it? Meet the man behind your upcoming transformation: Jesper.
Mentored by the legendary Cal Dietz and the new S&C Coach for AZ Alkmaar. He has won two Big 10 regular season championships and played a part in the USA Women’s hockey world cup gold medal 2023. Jesper turns athletes into champions and has trained NHL, NFL stars and olympians.
Ready to unlock a level of performance you didn’t even know was possible? Train with Jesper and elevate your game to unimaginable heights.

Why Choose Us? Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

Cut Injuries

Stay in the game. Our methods cut your injury risk down to just 2%. Play hard, worry less.

Maximize Athleticism

Be the best you. Our neuro-based methods can skyrocket your athleticism—up to 15% in just 3 weeks*. Be contract-ready, MVP-material, and championship-bound.

Pro-Level Coaching

Train with a proven winner. With Jesper, you're getting a roadmap to becoming an athletic powerhouse.

Accelerated Gains

Time is of the essence. Our neuro-based approach is optimized for fast gains because we know you're eager to shine.

Why Pros Choose JM Athletes

Personalized Training

Train smarter, not harder. Our training is tailored for you and your sports needs. Stop wasting time and become more efficient.

Recovery Plans

Recover like a champ. Get personalized recovery plans that keep you fresh, game-ready, and ahead of the competition.

Guidance & Check-Ins

Never feel lost. Weekly check-ins with Jesper to keep you on track to your dreams.

In/Offseason Planning

Maximize year-round performance. We develop your physique during the offseason and peak your performance in season, be at your best when it counts the most.

Level Up For Free: Your Secret Tools to Maximize your Game!

Not quite convinced? No worries. These game-changing free resources are for athletes like you. Easy-to-follow, backed by data, and packed with pro tips. Get started now and transform your game today!

Performance PowerPack: Five Essential Calculators for Athletic Mastery

Want to be the best athlete you can be? Our bundle gives you five calculators to boost your training. From bench press to caffeine timing, we cover it all. Get started and see results fast!

Ignite Foot Power: Our Spring Ankle Strength Boosters!

Looking to become faster, boost power or reduce injuries? We got you! Our Spring Ankle series focus on strengthen your foot and ankles to boost your force output. This means more force. More force means owning your competition—whether on the field, track, or court. Try it now, and start feeling the change in weeks!

Build Stamina & Toughness: Try Our Super Endurance Workouts

Want to last longer and get tougher in your sport? We made Super Endurance and Contralateral workouts for you. Great for basic training, these routines help you stay strong and keep going. Feel the change, up your game. Start today!

Work hard in silence, let success be your noise

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See Real Results: Don't Just Listen to Us, Hear from the Pros!

Testimonial Harry Roy (kopia)
Division 1 NCAA hockey player
Mathew Ryan Goalkeeper AZ Alkmaar
Professional Football/soccer player

Ready to join the ranks of elite athletes who transformed their careers? Your next step is simple:

Ready to Unleash your Athletic Beast? Act Fast, Limited Spots!

You’re already a pro, but what’s next? Our Total Athlete Enhancement System isn’t for everyone—just for those who want to dominate. Due to the highly personalized nature of our training, we only work with a select number of athletes. Here’s how to claim your spot:
  1. Click to Start: Click any button to start your journey to untapped levels of athletecism.
  2. Fill Out the Form: Share your goals, your sport, your ambitions. We use this to craft your individualized strategy for success.
  3. Seal the Deal: Press submit to complete your application. Now you’re in the running to elevate your game to levels you didn’t think possible.

Don’t Miss This

Wait for Our Call: We’re in the business of turning great into extraordinary. If you qualify, you’ll hear from us soon. This is your shot at unparalleled performance.

Got More Questions? We've Got the Answers.

What's in the TAES Package?

Comprehensive neuro-based training solutions, all in one streamlined app. Plus, expect tweaks every 3 weeks in the training  program for continuous growth. We tweak your recovery methods every week.

Tests every 3 weeks and wearables to track and visualize your progress.

Our tests identify your week points and we tweak your training after these tests.

  • Sport-specific personalized training
  • Analysis of your wearables
  • Different planning in/offseason
  • Access to our app where everything is displayed
  • Effective and safe moves
  • Personalized recovery plans
  • Continuous check-ins
  • Support 24/7
  • On-site walkthrough of our programs
  • RPR checks whenever we meet

What Sets you apart?

We provide two options: Complete Total Athlete Enhancement System or “filling the gaps”. The “filling the gaps” option integrates your existing regimen. It’s us filling your existing regime with crucial exercises we see are lacking. We can even liaise with your team’s S&C coach to make sure everyone is in it for your success.

Our neuroscience-based approach. It gives you direct results, supercharges your athletic capabilities and minimizes injury rates.

*Note: The 15% increase in athleticism is from the offseason. The athlete was in a speed block.

Who's This For?

We are looking for professional athletes. Athletes who are committed to go from good to great and achieve peak performance.

  • For full TAES: Expect focused, high-impact training sessions that last up too 1.5 hours, 2-5 days a week.
  • For “Filling the gaps”: Expect an extra 30 minutes to your training regime

What Comes After the Intro Period?

Yes, consider it a zero-risk preview.

You decide if you want to continue elevating your performance with us.

Safety and Locations?

We prioritize safety, always.

Anywhere that suits you; your team facility is often ideal.

How Do You Support Me?

Reach out anytime; we’re just a chat away.

Become a part of a network of high-achieving athletes.

What's Your Performance Guarantee?

Our 90-day guarantee: Full refund or continued support until you hit your benchmarks.

Ready to Transform Your Game? This is Your Moment.