Go Pro in 6 Months: 5 Exclusive Spots to Transform Your Athleticism at Zero Cost

Elevate Your Game: 5 Exclusive Spots to Master Athleticism and Secure Your Pro Contract

Sick of the bench? Injuries holding you back? Generic workouts not cutting it? Listen up. We’ve got 5 FREE spots in our online S&C coaching program. Boost your athleticism by up to 15% in as little as 3 weeks, all led by AZ Alkmaar’s S&C coach, Jesper. Think it’s too good to be true? It’s not. We use a neuro-based approach to supercharge your career.
Ditch the injuries. Snag that pro-contract. Become the next MVP. This isn’t just training; it’s your transformation. Only 5 spots. You in?

Meet Your Game-Changer: Jesper

So, you know the stakes. You know what you stand to gain. Now meet the man who’s going to make it happen: Jesper. Trained by the legendary Cal Dietz, Jesper’s the current S&C coach for AZ Alkmaar. He has mentored elite athletes from the NHL to the Olympics. Has won 2 Big 10 regular season champion titles. He even played a role in the USA Hockey women’s gold victory.
When it comes to transforming athletic potential into real-world results, Jesper’s your guy. Ready to play like the pros? Train with one, and turn your potential into championships.

Why Train With Us? Here's Your Edge.

Cut Down Injuries

Stop worrying about getting hurt. Our methods make you resistant to injuries. You focus on the game, we keep you healthy

Skyrocket Athleticism

Stand out, get noticed. Our program is designed to make you irresistible to scouts and colleges.

Elite Coaching

Train with the best to be the best. Our coaching turns you into an athletic beast.

See Quick Results

Time is of the essence. Our neuro-based approach is optimized for fast gains because we know you're eager to shine.

Accelerate Your Gains: Custom-Tailored Features for Aspiring Champions

Sport-Specific Training

Custom-tailored to you and your sport. Get the edge over your competition.

Safe, Effective Moves

Designed specifically for young athletes, our exercises minimize risk and maximize gain.

Weekly Check-ins & Guidance

Regular updates to ensure you're on the path to your athletic dreams.

Zero-Cost Access

Experience elite coaching without the elite price tag for 6 months. This is your chance to train for free.

Grow Fast: Free Tools to Beat the Competition!

Still Unsure? We Get It. Check out our exclusive free resources. They’re designed for athletes like you. Simple, effective, and full of insights. These tools are your fast track to success. More will come SOON. Explore now. Start boosting your skills today!

Performance PowerPack: Five Essential Calculators for Athletic Mastery

Want to be the best athlete you can be? Our bundle gives you five calculators to boost your training. From bench press to caffeine timing, we cover it all. Get started and see results fast!

Force Amplifier: Spring Ankle Strength Series!

Want to push harder and run faster? Our Spring Ankle exercises are for you! These simple exercises make your foot stronger. A stiffer foot means more force. More force means better performance on the field, track, or court. Try it now, and feel the difference in just weeks!

Build Stamina & Toughness: Try Our Super Endurance Workouts

Want to last longer and get tougher in your sport? We made Super Endurance and Contralateral workouts for you. Great for basic training, these routines help you stay strong and keep going. Feel the change, up your game. Start today!

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

Tim Notke

Don't Just Take Our Word for It—Hear from the Pros

Testimonial Harry Roy (kopia)
NCAA Division 1 hockey player

Convinced? Ready to be our next success story? Here's how to make it happen:

Ready to become a Champion? Here's How:

Embarking on our Elite Potential Program is more than just training—it’s a transformative journey. And it begins with these simple steps:
  1. Click any of the buttons: Start your journey to greatness with just one click.
  2. Complete the Form: We want to know about you—your sports, your passion, your goals. This is our blueprint to sculpt you into a champion.
  3. Hit Submit:Double-check your details and send it off. Your future in elite athletics starts with this simple action.
What Happens Next?
Wait for Our Call: If you’re among the elite five, we’ll be in touch. Your journey to athletic stardom is just about to lift off.

Still Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

What's Inside the Training Program?

All your tools in one app, tweaks every 3 weeks, and a plan tailored to you.

We’ll test you every 3 weeks and analyze your wearable data.

Our special tests identify your weak points, and your training focuses on those areas.

We offer this for free because we want to collect success stories. Also, we want to give youth athletes a chance to experience elite training

What Are the Requirements and Commitments for Acceptance?


Any team sports

1.5 hours, 3-5 days a week.

After the 6 months, you get a chance to stay in the program at a very discounted price.

Is It Safe and Where Can I Train?

Absolutely, our exercises are risk-free.

Gym or home, our program adapts to you. We do recommend the gym though.

You’ll need at least 2 complete sets of resistance bands. 

Will I Have Friends and Help?

Chat with us anytime on WhatsApp for personalized planning.

Join a community of young athletes just like you.

What Cool Stuff Do I Get?

Be part of an exclusive group, see real results, fast.

  • Personalized, sport-specific training programs
  • In/Offseason planning
  • Tailored recovery plans
  • Exclusive App access where everything is displayed
  • Wearable analysis

How Can You Generate Such Big Improvements in Such Short Time?

Our neuro-based approach results in immediate improvements in athleticism and drastically lowers injury rates.

Note: The ‘up to 15% boost in 3 weeks’ is based on results from athletes in their offseason, following the program precisely.

Become Unstoppable: Join Our Elite Training Program and Transform Your Game Today!