Do you want to reduce the risk of injury and increase your performance ability?

Benefits with Reflexive Performance Reset

Increased Performance

RPR can help athletes and performers improve their physical and mental performance by eliminating physical tension and other obstacles to performance. This results in better coordination, greater strength and power, increased endurance, improved focus, increased concentration, and increased self-confidence.

Less injuries

By reducing tension and other performance barriers, the risk of injury decreases. RPR helps reduce the risk of overuse injuries through better recovery.

Better recovery

RPR helps athletes to recover faster after physical exertion, injuries, and other strains. Improved recovery means faster return to physical activity or training and reduced muscle soreness.

From the Professional's View: The Power of RPR in Practice


How can RPR benefit you?

RPR is used by teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, major college sports, and U.S. Special Forces. We have organized clinics for AZ Alkmaar and IF Elfsborg, among others. In clubs that have implemented RPR, non-contact injuries have decreased by 95%. Heart rate has also decreased by 5-10 beats, and in some cases by as much as 15-20 beats.

During a fitness test, a hockey player spent 83% of the time in the two highest heart rate zones. After RPR, he only spent 30% of the time in the two highest zones during the same test.

From the Experts: The Proven Effectiveness of RPR

Alex RPR Germany
Mirco RPR Germany

The biggest secret in sports performance today

Cal Dietz


Your questions about RPR

RPR or Reflexive Performance Reset is a system of breathing and touch that restores your body from a survival state to a state of performance.

No, it’s not. RPR focuses on the nervous system to generate an immediate response.

RPR is for sports teams and athletes. It is also for fitness coaches, chiropractors, naprapaths, sports coaches, personal trainers, massage therapists, and therapists.

If you want to implement RPR, you should ask yourself the following three questions: 

  1. Does it save time?
  2. Is it harmful?
  3. Does it produce results? 

By teaching RPR to your athletes or clients, you don’t have to spend an unreasonable amount of time activating multiple people or activating them every day. Chiropractors and naprapaths can have a more long-lasting effect on their treatments if they start by performing RPR. Often, individuals need to return to the chiropractor or naprapath shortly after because the neurologic compensatory pattern is still creating problems with vertebrae, bones, fascia, etc. With a longer time perspective, you save even more time as RPR reduces the risk of injury. If you are less injured, you have more time to develop your body and skills (1). There is no evidence that RPR harms those who use the system (2). RPR provides direct measurable results (3).

RPR should be used as a complement to strength training, rehab, prehab, etc. It enhances the effects and you get more out of your training, etc.

The education in RPR is divided into two levels.

In Level 1, you will learn:

  • A new lens to use when looking at the body’s function
  • Optimal breathing and the importance of proper breathing (for wellbeing and performance)
  • Wake Up drills to activate the body
  • How to identify when one or several muscles are not activated (what common problems the individual may have when a muscle group is not functioning)
  • Various tests to check if you are activated or not

In Level 2, you will learn:

  • Tests for hip extension, hip flexion, and the lateral sling
  • Compensation patterns for hip extension and hip flexion
  • The technique for resolving compensation patterns for hip extension and hip flexion (disruptors)
  • The sequence of testing for hip extension, hip flexion, and the lateral sling
  • What to look for in the tests
  • Which resets are included in the lateral sling
  • Vision test and reset.

The prices are per person and include course material:

RPR level 1+2: 8099 SEK

RPR level 2: 5999 SEK

RPR level 1: 4499 SEK


All course material will be available online for you after the education. After the education you will also have full access to all course material for all time. You will also have full access to updates in the future.


The prices are per person and do not include course material:

RPR level 1 + 2: 5499 SEK

RPR level 2: 4499 SEK

RPR level 1: 2999 SEK.

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